Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maddy-watch '09

That's Maddy, my best friend. She is a dachshund, which means that she's bred to burrow. She's also uncommonly--almost unnervingly--fond of making eye contact with me. My life right now consists of computer work, most of which I do in my room, because it costs a lot to heat a house, and I'd much rather just sit in a big nest of blankets. Maddy agrees with me, which makes for a nice little life.

If I read a book in the green chair, she lays across my stomach.
And of course, if I'm going to leave the house to practice, she needs a bed of her own:

She's kind of old, kind of slow, and kind of stinky. But Maddy sure can burrow!

Oh noes!...

I'm one of those people who blogs pet pictures. Yikes. I better get a life, and soon!

1 comment:

LoriPie said...

I miss Maddy!!! You really are giving her the most spoiled life though lol! Unbearably cute