Monday, March 10, 2008


EEK! Last fall (and last spring, and the spring before that, and the spring before that, yada yada yada) I noticed myself getting very dizzy often and having splitting headaches. I went to the doctors who gave me seven hours of "balance testing" by all manner of stretching machines and things like that. After messing with me for all that time (even filling my water with ears to make me dizzy) they said that nothing was wrong with my ears and that I should instead get a migraine test, but I never did. I think it's something that is in response to changes in weather and in daylight--last time I got really dizzy, it was the "fall back." Oh well.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hillary's "Red Phone" Ad

I say, I was really surprised that people liked Hillary Clinton's phone ad. I mean, it's a known fact that all women do is talk on the phone all day. How about an ad where Hillary shovels the driveway, or opens a jar that is really stuck but has something tasty inside so that you really want to eat it, like a specialty marmalade you just ordered from far away? Or how about an ad with her riding a bomb, strangelove-style, to Tehran? THAT's action.

Wait a minute. That's sexist. What I meant to say is that I find this video very funny.


Hi all. I started a required blog for a class in brass ensemble literature (I know, a niche topic) and I thought, "hey, this is fun! I can share things with a void and not annoy my wife!" I am Peter Gillette, and I live in Iowa City, IA with my dachshund Maddy. I play the trumpet. By next December I'll have a masters, and I'll be here forever becoming (knock on wood) a doctor of musicology. I'm originally from Antioch, Illinois, and spent five happy if sheltered years at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin where I graduated with degrees in music and English.

I once had a silly myspace account, but that has gotten to be a creepy site, and I had an angsty livejournal, but that's for 17 year old girls who want to post Ben Folds lyrics after they got dumped.

Don't expect anything too personal--just a way to catch up with me, virtually, and for me to rant politically about things I sort of care about and to make jokes and share my research every once in awhile.