Monday, February 23, 2009

Two notes on music blogosphere: Sequenza 21, a Mac person trapped in an overheating Acer

A friend sent a facebook message alerting me to my mention on the Sequenza21 forum memeing my Babbitt parody. I'm (relatively) new to the music blogosphere, and so hadn't yet been to Sequenza21. It's a great contemporary music site, and it's found its way into my feed-reader now. Yay!

Speaking of feed-readers...

Okay, so personality-wise, and behaviorally, I'm such a Mac person.

So why do I use an overheating Acer and a clunky Palm? Seriously: I fall asleep to DVDs on my laptop, and I always burn myself turning it off.

Sigh. How can all you musicians afford those Macs?

Also, I've un-restricted my twitter feed, so stalk away. I am selective about who I friend, however, because I don't want to get too cluttered, but if you know me (on a facebook level, even) feel free to visit my feed. I should add that my tweets are often very tedious, as I walk and tweet at the same time, and sometimes it's how my brass quintet communicates, so you may not be able to follow much of the tedium. I also tweet about my dog quite a bit.

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