Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ironic Screenshot of the Day

I'm positively drowning in work lately but I can't resist the urge to blog when I see this:

I took a screenshot of the video, at 0:17:

Here's a bold proposal to send out to the Conventional Wisdom: No Illinois governor should ever, ever include the subliminal image of a hand counting large amounts of cash in his or her advertising.


...And, seconds later, from the man who is actively trying to strongarm a Chicago children's hospital, Uncie Rod shows off his softer side by touting a children's health insurance program he allowed to bankrupt:

I think the outstretched hand is out of the frame.

This would be great fodder for a caption contest. I'll start:

"I'm sorry you have [BLEEPING] Leukemia, but you expect me to help you out and all I get is [BLEEPING] appreciation? [BLEEP] you, [SICK LITTLE GIRL 1]! Curing your Leukemia is a [BLEEPING] valuable thing. You don't just [BLEEPING] give it away."

And again, to paraphrase Patrick Fitzgerald, the "bleeps" are not really "bleeps."

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Dan said...

Not bleeps?! When will the censorship end?!