Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What am I going to do now? (Some predictions)

It's over. (Yay!) And I'm happy. Yet, some considerations, and some predictions:
  • What websites am I going to frenetically refresh?
Prediction: ESPN, JSTOR, Oxford Music Online, and I'll go back to randomly looking up places I hope to visit someday on Google Maps.
  • What will make me watch edited youtube clips of FoxNews and boil over in righteous anger?
Prediction: T-Minus three days until Fox News labels an inadvertent Obama transition misstep/conflict-of-interest a "-gate?" with a question mark, culminating in a massive "Confirmationgate" concerning one of Obama's cabinet appointments.
  • Who will create the latest "gotcha" youtube clips?
Prediction: Joe Biden will, frustratingly, refuse to go to an undisclosed location.
  • What will make Saturday Night Live watchable for the next three years, and can it survive the years between elections?
Prediction: Amy Poehler's maternity leave becomes do or die moment; Tina Fey pinch-hits on Update to ride limelight and cross-promote 30 Rock.
  • Will Bristol and Levi really get married?
Prediction: this is the barometer that Vegas oddsmakers will use to gauge Palin's interest in continuing on in national politics.
  • The nation has spent the last year preoccupied the executive branch. What will be the next action-packed "must-watch" branch of American government?
Prediction: T-minus 100 days until this Chicago native retires:

Well...My. Brain. Is. Fried. I am going to sleep for twelve hours or more. See you in the afternoon.

(**Update**: Slept for 11 hours. And. It. Felt. Great.

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