Thursday, June 18, 2009

Middle C, Sort Of

So, I was on a gameshow last night on Iowa City cable access. Uh, if you really want, you can digg it?

I remember quite some time ago talking to another TA (I don't remember who, or even if they were a music TA) about how weird it is to write on a board--how odd spelling is, or music notation, when it's giant and right in front of your face. With that caveat, music fans may want to skip to 17:50, where I get a question I (or, you know, a third-grader) should slam out of the ballpark, but I only sort of get it right.

Which begs the question of the century in music pedagogy: do they make whiteboard rostrums? Yes, I know there are whiteboards with music staves already on them, but there's just something about the thought of seeing a teacher line up five pieces of chalk, each broken in its own weird way, that gets lost in this new age of markers.

Of course, who's ever been in a classroom that had two working dry erase markers, let alone five?

What did I learn about myself? (A bulleted list)

  • I'm a big giant nerd
  • I don't know anything about beer.
  • I don't know anything about science.
  • I'm utterly reliant on a calculator for even basic arithmetic
  • I'm super nerdy.
  • I talk with my hands.
  • I make funny faces.
  • I fidget.
  • I talk with my hands, a whole lot.
  • I make funny faces, a whole lot.
  • I fidget, a whole lot.
  • I'm nerdy.
  • I need to brush up on the British new-wave.

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