Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hi all. I started a required blog for a class in brass ensemble literature (I know, a niche topic) and I thought, "hey, this is fun! I can share things with a void and not annoy my wife!" I am Peter Gillette, and I live in Iowa City, IA with my dachshund Maddy. I play the trumpet. By next December I'll have a masters, and I'll be here forever becoming (knock on wood) a doctor of musicology. I'm originally from Antioch, Illinois, and spent five happy if sheltered years at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin where I graduated with degrees in music and English.

I once had a silly myspace account, but that has gotten to be a creepy site, and I had an angsty livejournal, but that's for 17 year old girls who want to post Ben Folds lyrics after they got dumped.

Don't expect anything too personal--just a way to catch up with me, virtually, and for me to rant politically about things I sort of care about and to make jokes and share my research every once in awhile.

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