Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free Philip Glass!

No, that's not a peroration, exhortation, or rallying cry; he's not in jail or otherwise oppressed (in fact, it seems he's doing quite well).

If you've been wanting to check out any of Philip Glass's work on the Orange Mountain label (I highly recommend the Wendy Sutter album) but don't like spending money, you're in luck: a free sampler at the Amazon MP3 store. Listening to the sampler all the way through, sure, you'll hear your fair share of minor arpeggios, but variety really starts to emerge favorably. [I'm too tired to erect, and then knock down, the familiar, too-easy knocks on Glass. Suffice it to say, go listen to the Violin Concerto 25 times if you need convincing. You'll be a believer sooner or later.]

If you think you're not a fan, well... What have you got to lose but some hard drive space?

I'm too tired to expand on this, but more's coming later. Lots of news, ruminations, information, links bubbling in my mind, if I can keep my "projects" on hold long enough to type in this silly little box.